Mission driven, people focused.

The Theorem Way.

When people need to be trusted to make autonomous decisions from the frontlines, in complex environments, with a narrow margin of error, the right culture is the tipping factor between success and failure.

We Train Everyone to Be A Machine Leader

There’s no growth in the comfort zone. Our culture is designed to ensure that we push ourselves beyond our current capabilities.

Our clients hire us so that they can work with the best in the industry — that’s why we have a culture that embraces being uncomfortable — doing things outside of the boundaries of familiarity to evolve and gain new skills.

We look at failure as a learning opportunity and obstacles are discussed openly. We are humble so that we never forget that we can always find ways to become better, even when we are already high performing. We aspire to achieve effortless mastery.

Leadership is Our Highest Calling

Our leaders are expected to have relentlessly high standards — in fact, many people may think their standards to be unreasonably high. But that’s the point.

Our Ethos


We’re in service of our clients.

We’re hired by our clients to help them achieve their mission. Our primary concern is their success. It is the lens through
which we make all decisions and assess good judgement.


We insist on the highest standards.

Yesterday isn’t good enough for tomorrow. We  continuously work to improve our performance — raising the bar individually and as an organization. We’re devoted to excellence in our work and committed to ensuring our teammates are given the mentorship, coaching, and resources they need to succeed.


We win as a team.

If the team fails, everyone fails, even if a specific member or an element within the team did their job successfully. We don’t seek to attribute wins to individual performance but instead celebrate wins as a team.


We embody professionalism.

We are calm and unwavering in all circumstances. Where others have their resolve shaken, we remain steadfast. Our work, communication, and actions are polished, so our clients always feel confident and rest easy knowing that they are on the path to success.


We operate with humility & courage.

We ensure our ego does not get in the way of our work or relationships. We operate with humility and courage, honestly assessing our own performance by taking ownership of mistakes, and developing an achievable plan for success. We give each other kind, clear, specific, and sincere feedback
when it’s the right thing to do, even if it’s difficult.


We expect leadership at every level.

Leadership is important in all roles, not just for management. Leadership means taking total responsibility for tasks, communicating up-and-down the chain of command, inspiring others, and proactively mitigating risks. Leadership is our highest calling.


We always get it done.

We are a trusted resource and ally for our clients. We stake our reputation on our work and stand behind our word. We don’t succeed until our clients do.


We find fulfillment in our work.

We take ownership of our own happiness. We’re happiest when we’re making progress toward our goals. We don’t do this because it’s fun, we do this because it’s important. We are committed to solving hard problems, working long hours and slogging it out when necessary.

How We Work

Real-time Feedback

Frequent and high-quality feedback is essential to achieving high performance. We embrace a culture where feedback is given frequently and anyone can give feedback to anyone else — someone on another team, someone else’s boss, our CEO. We believe feedback is fundamentally about achieving a shared understanding and giving or receiving feedback is always an opportunity for two-way learning. We don’t withhold feedback and package it all up in an annual review, instead we focus on giving candid feedback in real-time. And, we practice active listening.

Decentralized Leadership

We push planning and leadership to the edge as much as possible. We want decisions to be made by the people who are most informed, closest to the details, and best able to utilize their judgement. Decentralized leadership, paired with proactively pushing information up and down the chain-of-command enables us to operate at peak efficiency in nearly any situation and make the right decisions quickly and consistently.

Flexible Process

We don’t have one single process we deploy in every situation. Instead our process is customized to the realities and nuances of each individual environment, organization, and mission. The process we ultimately deploy for each project is a culmination of the lessons we’ve learned from past experience paired with industry best practices.

Distributed Collaboration

As a distributed organization we are able to pull from a much larger talent pool and bring together a team with very specific expertise. Distributed collaboration forces a higher standard for communication where precision, transparency, and frequency are the rule not the exception.

Continuous Improvement

We objectively assess our true capabilities and set aggressive goals for internal improvement. We measure our performance against ever increasing standards and make regular incremental improvements to the individual, the organization, and our work product.

Extreme Ownership

We practice extreme ownership, a principle where each person takes total responsibility over their world — their work, their team, and the success of their mission. Results are not just the responsibility of the leader, but of each team member.

Quality Driven

Everything we do from the customer experiences we design to the code that we write is driven by our passion for making great things. We care about the details and go the extra mile to make work that we take pride in.

Grit & Resilience

We select our team members for their mental toughness,
resilience, and grit.

Adaptability & Optimism

We believe anything is possible. We step up to new challenges, embrace new ways of working, and tackle new responsibilities — because we aren't limited to our job descriptions, or to finishing last week's plan at the expense of achieving our mission.

Do what others won't.

Why We're Here

Theorem is a company built for longevity. That means we make long-term decisions. We are patient, pragmatic, and always focused on building a company that we want to work at years from now.

We strive to remove everything arbitrary from our culture. Each person decides when and how they work and we measure decisions against results produced.

We made a place where we stamp out politics and focus on working as a team to deliver phenomenal results. The way we work is governed by the people who work here, which means it changes as we grow, learn, and evolve.

To us, change and growth are exciting — and we are not afraid to leave behind an old way of doing things when we discover something better.

Learning is What We Do

We study the art of building people, organizations, and products so that we can make a difference for our clients, their customers and their teams.

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We’re building a company where we all want to work.