AT&T IoT Platform

The first open platform built to enable end-to-end connected device solutions on a global scale.

We partnered with AT&T to build the world’s first network-to-edge IoT ecosystem.


  • Telecom
  • Software & Platforms
  • Supply Chain


  • Microservices
  • Scaleable Infrastructure
  • Fault Tolerance
  • Cloud

Experience Live


Prior to the launch of AT&T’s IoT Platform, no single provider could deliver a fully-integrated solution from network core to devices on the edge.

The Challenge

AT&T M2M leadership saw an opportunity to reduce compression in their embedded system connectivity margins through development of developer friendly tools and services that would enable startups and enterprises alike to rapidly, design, build and take to market next-generation connected device solutions.

That’s where Theorem came in. AT&T needed a partner that could take them on a journey from research and discovery to strategy definition and  then to delivery of a complete network-grade globally scaleable platform.

Existing offerings were complex and targeted to solve only specific problems, while requiring skillsets in multiple areas of functional expertise to use: network engineering, embedded systems engineering, hardware prototyping and application layer development.

Product Concepting

Envisioning a Suite of Complimentary Products

We kicked our project off with a 1-week Design Sprint.


Together we created a vision for a set of loosely coupled core products and services including a time-series data store, device management layer, data visualization engine, and notification service, that could be leveraged individually or altogether to build a complete IoT solution. This vision would eventually expand to include a set of vertical specific AT&T device management
and business intelligence services like AssetTrack.

Research & Discovery

Real-Time Product Testing

We tested our assumptions at monthly hackathons.

To tap into a global community of software engineers — a critical audience for product testing and feedback — we deployed the first production release within 30 days of kickoff and tested it in the wild with a series of hackathons attended by thousands of developers over the first 6 months.


The results allowed us to quickly adjust product roadmaps, feature mix, and platform capabilities.



Integrated With 42+ Unique Device Platforms

Research & Discovery

We wrote a suite of client libraries for a wide-range of hardware platforms and languages — both open source and from manufacturers including Intel, ARM, and Texas Instruments. These libraries accelerated development of native solutions for low-level, low-power embedded systems across applications as diverse as automotive, supply chain, wellness, real estate, and asset tracking.





Software Engineering

Developed to Work Directly With 3rd Party Services

We worked directly on AT&T’s behalf to secure early partnerships and develop integrations with 3rd party services and platforms including Microsoft Azure, IBM BlueMix, Heroku, Salesforce, PubNub, Amazon AWS and IFTTT.

Embedded Systems Engineering

We Shipped Hardware Solutions

We tapped specialized team members at Theorem with physical hardware expertise to help prototype and test custom device solutions to ensure our services would support a broad variety of use cases.


Scaleable Infrastructure

We engineered AT&T’s IoT platform to the highest standards for uptime, scaleability, and redundancy, by implementing a fault tolerant, geo-load balanced, active-active infrastructure designed for tier-one operation, with auto-scaling componentry, for true on-demand infrastructure resizing.

Highly Available

Geographically Redundant

Flexible & Open

Cloud Agnostic

Microservices Architecture

Solutions Architecture

Elegantly Architected

Our solution architects and engineers worked closely with the product team to define a feasible technical foundation based on component-driven microservices and cloud-based architecture that would support our vision and make it easy for AT&T to expand the core product offering in the future to enable new use cases.


Product Visioning

A Better Design
for IoT

Our design and UX team incorporated feedback from users to inform and refine product features and the user interfac.

We created a new modular design system with product components like real-time data visualization dashboards that could be directly shared via unique URLs with our users’ customers.


How We Work

Agile Tailored to Your Reality

We understand that every challenge is uniquely complex. We design an agile approach that fits a project and customer’s specific needs.

Small Teams

Our squad-based approach is highly efficient and scaleable. We’ve found that with the right mix of disciplines and process we’re able to accomplish more with smaller teams.

Core Squad Diagram

Flexible, Not Fixed.

We don’t have a single rigid process or way to work. Instead, we realize that every project is unique and each of our customers organizations are different than each other and so we expect to configure how we work as a team and make decisions about how we communication, govern, measure, and manage change, together.

8 Products & Components Designed to Seamlessly Work Together

Global Connectivity & Management

Devices Services

Data Orchestration

Data Visualization

Solution Automation


Connected pieces of hardware.


Real time data transaction through the platform we built.


Technology innovators building new IoT solutions.


Time-series data storage and device support for IoT.


Visual IDE and hosted app deployment.

Data Flow

Device data to application transformation and orchestration layer.


Launch your product fast with commercial IoT solutions

Supporting Six Primary Industry Verticals

AT&T IoT Platform allows fleet operators to oversee and manage their enterprise fleet.

Vehicle Solutions leverage telematic data to enable drivers to make better decisions, cut costs, and schedule effectively to grow their business smartly.

Customer Implementations

Tracking the UPS fleet in real-time.

Leveraging the platform we created for AT&T, UPS was able to create a dashboard that allowed them to track all their transportation assets, globally.

Powering RedBull’s connected fridge to manage product quality remotely.

AT&T IoT Platform enabled RedBull to build intelligence into their supply chain with connected cooler technology and global asset monitoring.

Grind 2 Energy reduces greenhouse gas emission using AT&T's IoT platform.

Using AT&T IoT Platform enabled Grind2Energy to create a real-time monitoring system leveraging complex triggers and threshold notifications to simplify emission management.

Announced Globally at AT&T’s Annual Summit

Our product team worked with AT&T to help develop a go-to-market plan and ensure product launches corresponded with key announcements to maximize customer awareness and acquisition.

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