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Enabling SundaySky to show the power of their SmartVideo technology to educate customers.


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Enabling SundaySky to show the power of their SmartVideo technology and surface information which could have previously taken weeks.

SundaySky's SmartVideos help some of the world’s leading brands build relationships with their customers through data-driven personalization. Video scenes, powered by a proprietary cloud platform, form unique stories driven by data and logic. SundaySky's creative team customizes each campaign for the associated brand. Customers receive videos with their name, pertinent insights about their accounts and other contextually relevant content.

SundaySky approached Theorem to design a streamlined dashboard experience for viewing their SmartVideo content, analyzing metrics and educating customers. The Theorem team collaborated with SundaySky's development group to implement final designs and provide design QA support up until the launch of the MVP.

Example clip of one of SundaySky's personalized SmartVideos.

The Problem

SundaySky did not have a clear way of explaining their SmartVideo technology to new customers but also had challenges supporting existing customer questions and requests for performance reports. Their team relied on fragmented tools, custom reports and hefty PowerPoint presentations for gathering and sharing data. The process wasted valuable time, had a slow turnaround, led to missed business opportunities and left the team feeling unempowered with customers.


The primary goal was to design a streamlined dashboard experience for SundaySky to view video content, data and important insights across customer programs. The dashboard would serve as the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and would be implemented in collaboration with SundaySky's development team.

The MVP solution would define the framework and visual style for an evolving suite of tools called SundaySky's Personalized Video Marketing Cloud™, so it was important to establish a flexible design system and component library which would allow for scalability.

As part of the engagement, Theorem also maintained a backlog of post-MVP design tasks and provided SundaySky with feature enhancement suggestions.


Initially, the dashboard would be used internally by SundaySky's field team. This team works with customers to educate them on performance reports and collaborate on planning new SmartVideo programs. The dashboard would then be rolled out to strategic partners and customers who could self-serve performance insights, learn about SmartVideo, and create programs to engage more customers. These users are generally in marketing departments, from tactical contributors all the way to the CMO.

Defining the Process

We broke the project down into four key phases, each comprised of critical activities and outcomes. This helped flesh out the project roadmap and determine key milestones and deliverable dates.

With the tight timeline to MVP, working with an agile, sprint-based process allowed us to iterate on and validate potential solutions early and often. The Concepting phase repeated as a series of week-long sprints to work through different features.

SundaySky Process Diagram

Discovery & Analysis

To kick off discovery, the Theorem team met with SundaySky stakeholders for a series of workshops to learn about their current workflow, set project goals, define the project roadmap and whiteboard high-level concepts. We then conducted interviews with different user types across the company to understand their challenges and learn about their individual goals for optimizing their workflow.

Using the insights we gathered, we began to synthesize key themes. We developed persona profiles highlighting each unique user's tasks and goals, then created journey maps to understand relationships between different user types and the platform. This guided the development of low-fidelity business flows to work out screen-to-screen interactions.

Design Concepting

The Theorem team wireframed iteratively to define the information architecture of key screens and experiences, while simultaneously exploring various navigational approaches to determine the optimal experience for the end-user.

Theorem collaborated with SundaySky stakeholders and users along the way to validate concepts and gather feedback to continue improving the experience.

Sprint Retrospectives

After each week-long sprint, we held retrospectives (also know as ‘retros’)  with SundaySky stakeholders to reflect on achievements from the previous sprint and identify areas for improvement. We jotted down points on cards in a collaborative design platform, then worked together to categorize and discussed our thoughts.

Retros were especially important because we were working remotely with SundaySky's teams in New York City and Tel Aviv, and we wanted to make sure everyone had the opportunity to share their perspective.

Design Solutions

The MVP solution is a secure web platform consisting of two primary dashboards and a side-by-side video preview feature. Given the nature of the content, the UI is designed to be very visually engaging and offer the user snapshots into SmartVideo programs and scenes. The solution would ultimately enable SundaySky to show the power of SmartVideo and instantly surface information which could have previously taken days or even weeks.

Account Dashboard

The Account Dashboard offers a high-level view of a SundaySky customer account and all of their SmartVideo programs. The navigation is card-based, allowing the user to select a program and view associated scenes in the library below. Interactive infographics offer easy access to important engagement metrics for the account.

Program and scene cards are key components for navigating the Account Dashboard. They are designed to be flexible and offer various states for selection and hovering reveals pertinent information. On scroll, Program cards collapse to display more on-screen content above the fold.

Program Dashboard

After selecting a SmartVideo program from the Account Dashboard, the user enters a Program Dashboard where they can learn about targeted stories consisting of video scenes paired with unique customer data. Users can easily turn on/off specific stories to compare participating scenes and insights. Similar to the account level engagement metrics, the Program Dashboard displays metrics specific to the selected program.

The story selection sub-navigation allows the user to switch between story content they want to view in the Program Dashboard. Tabs within the program preview & data component provide the user with different views of valuable information like program and story use cases, goals, participating scenes and status.

Side-by-Side Video Preview

When two program stories are selected in the sub-navigation, an icon for a Side-by-Side Video Preview feature appears in the Program Dashboard. This feature offers a new user interface where the user can compare story videos, along with their unique Preview Data and Scene Libraries.

This was a very important feature for SundaySky's customer interactions because it allowed their employees to visually explain the nuances between program stories and depict the level of personalization that is possible with their SmartVideo technology.

Within the Side-by-Side Video Preview feature, the Preview Data and Scene Library tabs allow the user to compare different information about each program story in real-time as they preview.

Design System & Usage

During the design of the dashboard, Theorem established a cohesive design system including visual styles and components. To ensure the platform could continue to evolve in the future and maintain visual consistency, we developed a comprehensive set of guidelines and best practices for usage of the design system. This would help SundaySky's internal design and development teams in the future when enhancing the dashboards and iterating on new features for their Personalized Video Marketing Cloud™ platform.

Success and Evolution

The launch of the MVP to SundaySky internal users was a success and stakeholders were excited about the solution. The SmartVideo Dashboards became an integral piece of their team's workflow when engaging with customers and explaining the value of their SmartVideo technology.

The MVP dashboards laid the groundwork for SundaySky's evolving team platform. The design system and framework gave their team the tools they needed to continue building features to integrate with the Personalized Video Marketing Cloud including scene editing capabilities to demo real-time customization of SmartVideos.

Demo of the implemented dashboards integrated with SundaySky's Personalized Video Marketing Cloud™.

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