The Power of Search

Connecting film media rights holders with licensing customers  through an intelligent search experience.


Provide licensing customers a way to search a large volume of original music  to meet very specific requirements.


An intelligence-driven search and licensing experience optimized for the media and entertainment ecosystem.

Search a large volume of original music to find exactly what you’re looking for in less time.

For example, a Film Music Producer is looking for an Orchestral score for a movie's opening scenes. Licensing Customers may spend tens of thousands of dollars for the rights to use a track so finding the right music is very important, and the tracks are typically all new and original so it takes a lot of time to discover tracks that may be ideal matches.

Powerful and Simple Music Search

Score Revolution Search

These few key functionalities stand out:

  • Structured contextual meta-data

  • Structured contextual meta-data

  • Similar sounding track recommendations

  • Smart references to other media properties
    to inspire curation

Meta-data Management System

To power their search engine Theorem developed a proprietary meta-data management system that allows each track to be manually categorized and tagged with dozens of very specific bits of meta-data. The tracks then can be found within the search interface very simply.

The Meta-data management system, and the development of the meta-data hierarchies went through many iterations as the catalogue and challenge of enabling easy search grew.

The similar tracks and "Upload Search" functionality are powered by a custom and unique integration with MoodAgent's music analysis technology.

ScoreRevolution is the first and only Music Licensing services  to provide this type of functionality.

You probably want to know:

  • How long did this project take?
  • How much did it cost?
  • How big was the team?
  • When can you start on my project?

We Have Answers.

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