End-to-end project management software

A modern solution for commercial real estate deals.


Legacy software causing inefficient transactions and lacking secure options for wire transfers, leading to high overhead costs and employee frustration.


A fully customized software application for managing commercial real estate transactions and settlements with secure, convenient features.

Results That Drove the Bottom Line


Time reduced to share documents with customers


Reduced training cycle times by more than 200%


Onboarded customer accounts within the first 5 months following product launch


Cases of wire transfer fraud on our secure platform


Platform features delivered annually


Increased the total number of releases per year from 3x to 24x


Legacy software used by a large company providing escrow and settlement services proved inefficient in offering a quick and safe way to settle transactions.

Fraud within the exchange of sensitive financial information was a growing concern and issue, and a lack of efficient communication and document sharing slowed down the process of settling transactions.

The solution? A modern platform to improve collaboration, security, and transparency while increasing revenue through cost savings.

Our Process

Theorem’s team of researchers, technical architects, designers, and product managers took a human-centered approach to redesigning the system for transactions. We held 127 interviews with stakeholders, employees, and customers and coached over 20 engineering and research team members on agile processes and new technologies. Our team then completed 10 system demos and 26 technical meetings to optimize and refine our product.

By holding workshops to help gauge usability and efficiency, we ensured that the finished product not only delivered the expected results but offered a phenomenal user experience.

The Solution

Theorem worked to identify the key issues created by legacy systems. We then built a platform to act as end-to-end project management software — tracking progress, creating a space for communication between all parties involved in a transaction, and offering transparency for employees and clients so there’s never any miscommunication on the status of settlements.

The Platform

Theorem designed and developed a system to meet the needs of a large escrow and settlement service company. Our system allowed for integration with more than 100 enterprise APIs to deliver a single unified product experience and decommissioned 3 customer-facing applications.

Features like real-time data sharing for uploading documents, a two-factor identification process for secure wire funds transfers, and a mobile app that allows for quick information and communication allowed one game-changing product, offering a cohesive way to navigate the complexities of real estate transactions.

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