Digitization of the Education Industry

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Theorem Helped Flat World Upgrade Higher Ed for the 21st Century

Digitization of the education industry poses risks even to the most established players.  Here's how Theorem helped Flat World Knowledge stay ahead of the competition.

Technology is improving at an exponentially increasing rate, providing education companies with better tools to develop more innovative products in a shorter period of time. The result is an ever increasing marketplace of Edtech products for students making it more difficult for established players to keep up with the latest changes in the marketplace.

Theorem engaged with Flat World over a 12-month period. The work we did helped transform Flat World into a thought leader at the head of the pack. We reimagined education and built a suite of cloud-based EdTech products from digital textbooks to online courses. The results were nothing short of A+.

It's a Textbook Case of Amazing Results

We helped Flat World reimagine and rebuild how their student and teacher user base would interact with over 10,000 online textbooks in just 3 months.

Flat World was in a record-setting growth phase and needed outside help to take their company from good to great. Our partnership started with a revamp of their digital textbook software. Through analysis of customer service requests, user activity, and usability reviews we were able to re-design a better, faster, and easier to use digital textbook experience.

The cliffnotes: our evidence-based design process delivered the results Flat World was looking for.

It Adds Up: Degrees Twice as Fast at Half the Cost

Digitization of the education industry poses risks even to the most established players.  Here's how Theorem helped Flat World Knowledge stay ahead of the competition.

  1. Financial access: Flat World's program lowers administrative costs, textbook costs, and instructor costs so that every penny spent is optimized toward making students successful.

  2. Any time and pace: With the Flat World program you can learn on a native iPad application, your desktop, and at any time convenient to you, enabling folks working hard to support themselves and their families to invest in their future.

  3. Coaching and mentoring: Adding structure to distance learning provides the necessary support students need to graduate. Flat World's dedicated academic coaching and instructor system ensures students are always on the right path.

Ed-Tech Evolved

Ultimately, our relationship grew to encompass a wide-scale of strategic initiatives. The solutions Theorem delivered included online and app based reading activities, video content management systems, interactive curriculum based survey and quiz applications, adaptive learning systems, and remote proctoring via mobile camera (an industry first).

Theorem came to work with Flat World initially to re-architect an aging flagship product. The Theorem team came in and gave a comprehensive and well-thought out plan to drastically improve the platforms reliability and usability. Once they started on the project, it was clear to everyone that the Theorem team was heads above any other firm we had worked with."

Liz Weir

Flat World Knowledge

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