AT&T’s HIPAA-Compliant Healthcare Platform

We Built a Platform for AT&T that puts your health into the palm of your hand.

An Entire Ecosystem from Scratch


The AT&T Foundry came to Theorem with the goal of creating a platform to help doctors, patients, and health care providers communicate and collaborate more effectively, and efficiently.


A rich ecosystem of web and mobile applications that brings together cutting-edge capabilities in mobility, cloud and security to connect users with their own health, wellness and clinical data.

Goal Driven.

The Platform was designed to:

  • Integrate and manage relationships with existing commercial health providers, allowing developers to integrate once with the mHealth API.

  • Provide HIPAA-compliant, secure storage Personal Medical Information (PMI).

  • Provide a system that has the ability to easily scale-up and down as demand requires.

  • Provide a feature-rich API to allow developers to integrate and utilize the platform.


Theorem and AT&T architected the platform for global scale and redundancy across a minimum of three availability zones. The platform architecture was designed for operation on top  the AT&T internal cloud services platform, Silver Lining.

Training & Process

Theorem also developed processes and procedures to facilitate an internal handoff to the AT&T operations team, who had not previously utilized the AT&T Silver Lining Platform. This allowed AT&T to utilize internal existing resources to maintain the entirety of the new, Silver Lining based mHealth Platform.


Theorem designed and implemented a completely automated DevOps suite that included the ability to provision any aspect of the mHealth system on-demand. This provided AT&T with the ability to scale the platform elastically.


Theorem designed a suite of API’s, and utilized these API’s to integrate with existing third party vendors. This allowed developers to integrate with common third party players, without any specific integration requirements.

Real-World Health & Wellness Experiences.

The mHealth Platform provided the backbone for software and hardware experiences, including a suite of AT&T health and wellness products including AT&T’s HealthyBaby  smart baby monitoring product line.

It Takes a Community to Create a Platform

A critical portion of the AT&T mHealth Platform was the development of a community of participants to develop on top of the mHealth Platform. Theorem assisted AT&T with this task by providing key industry talent from the Theorem team to participate at conferences, trade shows, ad hackathons, and providing talks and advice to members of the industry — assisting AT&T in cementing their reputation within the healthcare ecosystem.

You probably want to know:

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  • When can you start on my project?

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