Product Management Enablement

PRIME is Theorem’s proven product management & development training and enablement system designed to help the enterprise develop a modern and robust approach to product management.

PRIME stands for Product Rubric for Innovation Management & Engineering. It is how technology-enabled companies build passionate teams who deliver amazing products to loyal customers. PRIME is built on Theorem's years of experience helping the global Fortune 2000 accelerate innovation and software delivery. It is a customizable program of analysis, training, and habit development to create—and maintain—a world-class product management, design & development capability.

Enabling Innovation

We’re leaving the era when companies that simply bought third party software expected to stay differentiated. Today successful technology-enabled companies lead the product design process and build quality software.

Companies have relied on product management, design & development for years, but many use outdated models that deliver inconsistent results. This old way of working delays the completion of long-standing strategic goals, such as improved software delivery velocity or creating a better user experience.

Ambitious companies are building internal teams that are capable of delivering successful products. But even ambitious companies need expert guidance to understand their capability gaps, deliver effective training, and measure product improvement accurately.

Our PRIME training program will guide the evolution of your product focus from fragmented outputs to focused customer outcomes.

A Custom Training Model For Your Unique Team

Your initial success may have come from expertise in specific products and services, but continued growth requires adding technology as a core business competency. The most overlooked component of this competency is the practice of product management — the shared language between what your customers need, your business goals, technological feasibility, design, and end-user experience.

At the start of every PRIME training program, we calibrate our approach by learning about your team’s skills, ambitions, and gaps. We then develop a custom training plan — a version of our proven product design & development methodology. We help you select the right training modules and include real-world examples from your business, products, past projects, and customers.

Learn How to Deliver Better Products

We teach a customized curriculum of 20 product management, design & development modules to improve your team’s capabilities. Our customized training content has been developed from our deep experience with diverse industries and is unique to your team’s products, capabilities, and ambitions.

We make it easy for your employees to attend the sessions and stay current with their day-to-day tasks. PRIME also includes experiential training to help your participants apply what they learned in the classroom to their jobs — designing and building software. We show your team how to develop new habits and measure the improvements in your products. A PRIME training program guides your team to deliver better products, grow your company’s reputation as a technology innovator, and improve the customer experience.

Training Modules


Product and Business

This module levels-up your core product management language, practices, and principles for digital, physical, or services-based offerings.

Your team will gain practical business, finance, and KPI-setting skills so that products are built to serve business goals. They will learn how to interpret market and customer needs — and then translate these needs into tangible growth.



We teach you how to become an expert on the value and tools of customer research, engage internal and external users and stakeholders, and prioritize problems. This module enables you to work cross-functionally — iteratively testing and validating product concepts prior to development.


User Experience Design

Designing experiences is a crucial skill for product management, not something performed in a silo or rushed at the final hour. The user experience (UX) design module provides the fundamental skills of great user experience for application across digital products, internal employee tools, customer-facing services, back-office operations, and any other customer touchpoint.

A deep understanding of the value and tools of user experience design elevates companies quickly — improving customer relationships, growing topline revenue, and increasing efficiency.



In the technology module, we give you a foundation in the core tenets of technology, the software development lifecycle, and project management methodologies. To thrive, product managers must understand the tech, the process, and the methods for keeping projects on-time and in-budget.

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