Organization Design

Structured to deliver results.

Create more effective teams, departments, and divisions to provide faster returns on investment. Teams in a well-designed organization mitigate failure through their independence and their individual ownership of specific business goals.

Focus on Results First

Traditional organizations build teams around specific skills. While this seems logical, it often leads to complex dependencies, fragmented institutional knowledge, delays, and even failures.

At Theorem, we believe structure should be shaped by results, not the other way around. Organizations perform at their peak when they’re made of cross-functional teams that can deliver results without getting mired in dysfunctional webs of dependency.

Your Teams, Optimized

Teams operating in confusion? With our keen eye for organizational effectiveness, we’ll help you sort them into self-sufficient ones that feel empowered to work toward streamlined goals.

Less Chat, More Organization

Can’t make sense of your org chart? Theorem’s team of organizational designers and managers have years of experience shaping teams into simple, streamlined, high-performing units.

A Goal for Every Team

There’s no need for cutting-edge teams to work at cross-purposes with one another. Theorem can help you create structures that fit your mission-critical goals—not the other way around.

How Organization Design Works


Build Your Case

Before designing (or re-designing) your teams, Theorem isolates the key problems you want to fix or avoid. Then, we determine the best organizational roadmap around them.


Rearrange Your Teams

Working in close collaboration with stakeholders throughout your organization, we rearrange groups and teams so they can better support your high-priority strategies.


Try Your New Design

We’ll help you integrate your new teams into existing organizational structures. Then we’ll test and analyze their effectiveness, as well as any new power relationships that result.


Start Staffing Up

Once you’ve determined the size and scope of your teams, we’ll help you develop candidate profiles, staff your positions, and solidify any new report structures and leadership roles.


Monitor Your Success

Our partnership doesn’t end once your new teams are up and running. Rather, we closely monitor your new organizational architecture to make sure it delivers on expected results.

Ready to Optimize Your Organization?

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