Business Case Modeling

Data-driven support for your go-to-market strategy.

From new products and revenue streams to competitive analyses and beyond, business case modeling helps you define the economic viability of your innovation roadmap and initiatives.

A Model Driven by Data, and Supported by Research

An idea is just an idea without a strong business case. We dive into the numbers, the market, and the audience to answer the question: Is this worth pursuing? By crafting a smart model, we ensure your project is ready for prime time.

Theorem makes it simple — we take the guesswork out of go-to-market by distilling thorough research into actionable plans.

Results, Not Endless Presentations

You need to build a serious business application fast. You need good data on what to build — and what it’ll be worth. Our process is designed for speed. No matter the complexity, we use an iterative approach to get you the right data so you can launch to MVP within months.

We Have the Skills and Experience You Need

Theorem’s team of seasoned experts has the skills, talent, and experience to get the job done. Your business case model will be put together by market-leading minds. We don’t assign just anyone to a project — we deploy experts with the background and skillsets your project needs.

Online, In-Person, Always Available

While Theorem is a remote-first organization, we know that an in-person presence is essential to understanding your context and relationships. The amount of time our team spends on-site — as an integrated part of your organization — all depends on the specific project. And when we’re not there in person, we’re always available by instant messenger, phone, or video call.

How Business Case Modeling Works


Define the Opportunity

Is this a unicorn or a pony?

Not every idea has the magic recipe for a moonshot. Through customer-focused research and analysis, we’ll deconstruct the fundamental principles by which your company creates value. This will be compared against industry trends, evolving customer preferences, and your competitive landscape to identify the health and sustainability of your current business model. But whether you’re looking to change the world or provide a valuable niche service, we’ll define the exact size and scope of the opportunity.


Refine the Idea

Hypothesis driven innovation.

The early days of a new project are always a little hazy, and that’s okay. We’re here to help. Through our proven research methods, we’ll help you reach crystal clarity. We’ll identify opportunities to optimize your current business model as well as propose alternative approaches. You’ll get test-ready hypotheses to identify how to maximize the value delivered to both your customers and organization.


Iterative Prototyping

No idea survives first contact with the customer.

Via principles used to rapidly test technology, we’ll quickly and safely identify the optimal business model for both your organization and those you serve. We’ll iteratively validate opportunities for new revenue streams, distribtution channels, target segments, and more.


Develop an Execution Strategy

Execution is everything. Truly.

Taking a business model home to meet your stakeholders can feel intimidating — but not when Theorem is by your side. Our detailed planning process helps you gain the alignment necessary to secure funding and project greenlihgt.


The Pitch

Stakeholders love us.

After painting a full picture of your exact product or service, you’re ready for next steps. We will outline each step for implementation — ensuring that the path to success is right in front of you — and we’ll help you pitch!


Scaling & Transition Strategies

Set it up for the long-term.

Once validated, we’ll provide continued support ensuring a seamless transition to your newly discovered ideal business model. Key actions, measurable milestones, and realistic timelines will all be provided culminating in the rapid realization of tangible gains for your customers and organization.

Ready to Get Down to Business?

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