Strategy & Transformation

Strategy & Transform-ation

When you're ready for a digital revolution, we're your best ally.

The pace of technological advancement is only accelerating. Theorem can prepare your company for everything that’s coming next.

Service Highlights

Agile Process Transformation

Shape your culture with intention

Say sayonara to silos. The most successful organizations cultivate a culture of creativity, collaboration, and empowerment.

Culture Engineering

Run like a well-oiled machine

It takes speed to beat the competition to market, or overhaul a system without slowing down operations. Our Agile Transformation process gets you there.

Organizational Design

Maximize your team’s potential

The org charts of yesterday just don’t cut it anymore. Today’s teams are lean, diverse, and cross-functional. With the right structure, anything is possible.


Agile Process Transformation

Bring the best of Agile processes from software development, to the rest of your organization.

Organization Design

Align incentives, responsibility, and autonomy to create a productive and satisfied team.

Culture Engineering

A great culture doesn’t just magically appear, but must be thoughtfully designed from the ground up.

Business Model Innovation

Reimagine your business model to compete the with market forces that are changing the world.

Legacy Modernization

Reimagine, redesign, and rebuild legacy software, platforms and systems.

Innovation Hub Bootstrapping

Design, build and launch an internal innovation hub using Theorem’s process framework, tooling, and hands on training.

Training & Advisory

Product Management Enablement & Training

We train and enable you to build a strong Product Management practice with PRIME™

DesignOps Enablement

We will help you create useful, beautiful technology by implementing the infrastructure for design operations within your organization.

DevOps Enablement

Theorem can. design, implement, and train modern DevOps team to support large scale, modern, and resilient technology platforms.

Talent Assessment

Theorem can help you understand the capabilities and capacity of your existing workforce.

Workforce Compliance

We provide engaging, practical training to allow your team to follow critical regulations and guidelines across major industries.


Product Strategy

We’ll partner with you to define the most valuable products and services you need and visualize the best way to build them.

Funding  Case Development

Sufficient capital is critical to your initiative's success —  we’ll help you set expectations and get leadership buy-in for your vision that unlocks funding.

Business Case Modeling

Business case models define the opportunity size and required resources of a new venture – we’ll help you develop a watertight case.

Business Process Optimization

Streamlines the interplay of people, process, and technology to keep growing as your market landscape evolves.

Pricing Strategy

We bring an objective perspective  to pricing — through research we’ll help you derive the most value from your services.

Value Engineering

We’ll help you to systematically improve the value that your products and services provide through research and iteration.

M&A Advisory

We provide strategic advice on corporate mergers, acquisitions, and financing, focused on the intersection of technology, product, and user experience.

Naming & Identity

We help you develop, define, and go to market with a comprehensive naming and identity system — for your product or your company.

Technology Restructuring

Restructuring, in or out of court, requires a strategy-driven process for technology consolidation. Theorem can help.

Our People Are Our Difference.

It all starts with the right team. Whether online or in-person, we are there when you need us.

Kate Powell

Kate Powell

UX Researcher

Kate makes sense of complex data, and extracts valuable insights and learnings from our client's teams, customers, and competitors.

Alex Zapadenko
Erik Schmidt

Erik Schmidt

Product Manager & Evangelist

Erik molds ideas into tangible goals and guides their development into useful products that improve lives and advance the bottom line.

Alex Zapadenko

Design Manager

Alex leads Theorem design teams from the front — he is a talented experience and brand designer himself, and guides all his work with a passion for perfection.