User Testing

Go beyond projections.

An essential component of our product development methodology, User Testing ensures new products actually work. We shape product ideas through iterative testing to avoid surprises and ensure target return on investment.

Put Your Ideas to the Test.

Will the market embrace your new product? Projections in a spreadsheet can’t tell you for sure, but your customers can. We’re here to help you test all your assumptions.

Theorem takes you through the entire user testing process, from initial concept to interactive prototypes. We help refine your product through quick feedback cycles until we’ve hit a home run for you and your customers.

Mental Models

We present early stage ideas to a small number of users for feedback. We then develop a mental model for your audience that captures their thoughts and needs.

Task-Based Tests

During our testing process, we get feedback on the initial concepts with user’s real-life tasks. We identify any necessary modifications to ensure that the design serves the job that users are looking to perform.

Trial Runs With Users

At Theorem, our trial runs take your product out of the lab and put it to work in a real-life setting. The goal: to prevent any major oversights prior to a full product launch.

Production Testing

Our last milestone is production testing. Theorem distills learnings from real customers to identify nuances to be fixed as well as collect new backlog ideas. User-generated feedback is at the heart of any successful growth strategy.

Your Takeaways

A/B Comparison Report

We preform A/B comparisons studies in two main situations. In early stage design we use this method to inform which approaches are best suited to solving your customer's problem. Laying down the foundation early is a time and cost saving exercise. In late stage design we use this method to test smaller yet important details that matter to customer engagement, usability, and conversion. Often different aspects from both the A and B design have value. In both cases we deliver a report that highlights the patterns, pros and cons, and provides strategic recommendations for next steps in your product development process.

AB Comparison

Usability Report

Regardless of design maturity the customer is the ultimate judge for how your product helps them (or not). Our usability reports will provide insight into how the end user perceives your product, how well it supports their needs, and what blockers prevent your product from satisfying the expectations of your organization. We recommend testing before your digital product goes live into production, but it's never too late. We can help you take action and get user feedback at any stage!

Benchmarking Report

When making improvements to your digital platform and products it is critical to have a baseline to compare against. Our team looks at task success, abandonment, page views, error rates and other performance metrics. Our findings are validated at scale to identify which problems are most prevalent. We then look at the issues that stand out most and report back why we believe the problems are happening (backed by data, of course!). Your team will be armed with the knowledge for how you should consider making changes and the comparison to reflect back on once you do.

Make Smart Product Choices: An Executive’s Guide to User Experience Research

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