Research & Discovery

Stop guessing. Start learning.

For both digital transformations and smaller scale initiatives, our time-boxed Research & Discovery engagements define the problem space, a concrete mission, and a value proposition that generates real ROI — all backed by data and the customer voice. The end result is an actionable vision and plan that will enable your team (and ours) to deliver on your organization's goals.

Create a compelling vision backed by data.

Problem Definition

At the start of Research & Discovery we facilitate stakeholder workshops and interviews to learn about your goals, challenges, and expected outcomes. Through qualitative and quantitative research activities we engage your target audience to understand their perspective and what is required to satisfy their needs. Our research plan details a week-by-week schedule keeping your team engaged every step of the way.

Prioritize and Scope

Research & Discovery initiatives require an intentional focus to ensure we solve the right problems for your organization. Prioritization starts with the target audience by identifying the problems that are most impactful and prevalent using both qualitative and quantitative research activities. We then engage stakeholders through workshops to surface the areas that will drive the right results for your business.


Through innovation workshops and design sprints we create new solution ideas that bring your organization's vision to life. Designs begin at low fidelity, and are quickly introduced to users to validate direction so that we learn quickly how best to solve their problems. Through iterative feedback cycles our team finalizes the future vision.

Analysis & Synthesis

Analysis is a constant activity that occurs throughout our Research & Discovery engagements. There are many choices to be made that impact direction, altitude, and velocity. We engage actively engage you in this process, providing our recommendations, always with sounds reasoning backed by data and the outputs of the research process. At the conclusion of the initiative our analysis activities come together with a business case summary that informs the final strategy and plan.

Your Takeaways

Opportunity & Pain Points Register

The most important findings from our research are logged in an insights database that we call an Opportunity & Pain Points Register. Through team synthesis activities we utilize this knowledge to derive the opportunity themes for your project. The most important themes become the focus of our strategy, while others key areas can be revisited as a backlog to be actioned on in the future.

Current State Journey Map

The process and challenges that exist today are visualized in a Journey Map. This holistic view of operations married with paint points helps your organization align an accurate, detailed understanding of current state.

Designs and Prototypes

Our Research & Discovery activities result in a design vision for how a solution might look and function. Designs are modeled around key scenarios that showcase how the core capabilities will transform your business operations and customer experiences. Designs are interactive which work to create engagement (and early interaction data) as the new strategy is socialized in your organization and with key customer stakeholders.

Engagement Plan

Our final delivery includes a vision strategy, roadmap and milestones, a prioritized backlog, a technology plan and a resourcing plan with estimates. Other deliverables may include build/buy/fix analysis, ROI modeling, competitive landscape analysis, and more. At the conclusion of the Theorem Research & Discovery engagement our clients are set on the course to fulfill their mission — whether through Digital Transformation, Full Stack Innovation, or other organizational initiatives.

Make Smart Product Choices: An Executive’s Guide to User Experience Research

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