Opportunity Identification

Master your market.

Reduce new product risk by pre-determining fit within your target customer base. Our methodologies around Opportunity Identification focus on finding that product-market fit: the balance between the right audience, the right problem, and the right solution.

Be a Big Fish in a Big Market.

You have an idea for an awesome new product or service. But is there a market for it?  Opportunity identification pays off when you want to launch a game-changing product or service.

At Theorem, we ask the right questions so you can get a top-level view of the market — and your role in it. Even if nothing like your idea exists today, our research will help you uncover strong signals of future growth.

Customer-Problem Hypothesis

When considering opportunities in a new landscape, our first step is to hone in on defining the right customer with the right problem. We establish this upfront so that all downstream activities rest on solid ground.

Deeper Problem Definition

Once the opportunity space is defined, we get more specific to understand what it means to solve this problem for your customer. In this process, we look to the marketplace to ensure that the solution will differentiate your business from the competition.

Minimal Viable Product

The foundation of any product or service strategy is based on real customer insights. Your Minimal Viable Product (MVP) includes the core elements that your customer needs to solve their problem. We collect this information through user interviews, diary studies, and early-stage concept testing.

Growth Plan

The vision for your new product or service is delivered with actionable next steps. This includes a backlog of features and a timeline plan to get you there.

Your Takeaways

Job Maps

Looking for business opportunity through the eyes of your customer will uncover new growth ideas that your team has yet to consider. We look at the customer's journey relevant to your business domain, yet agnostic to your organization’s existing features and capabilities. Through this process we surface a holistic perspective of their unmet needs and why they matter. Then we validate these finding at scale. We deliver to you a set of opportunities to pursue that are the most relevant in your marketplace.

Jobs Map Diagram

Value Proposition Map

Directing your new winning business strategy comes together when you identify how your business will solve your customer's needs. We start this exercise with completed customer research regarding what change they want to see. Then we consider the various ways that your business can solve their problems. This results in a set of value-driven hypotheses for how your business can grow — a critical first step on the path to innovation.

Product Feature Set

Customer research defines the problem to solve, yet the end goal is the product that will enable growth for your organization. Through iterative design sprints we learn what features matter to your customer and how they will solve their problems. The result is your Minimal Viable Product and plan, identifying what should be built first and why it matters.

Make Smart Product Choices: An Executive’s Guide to User Experience Research

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