Design Thinking Enablement

Cultural change begins by design.

Theorem’s Design Thinking methodology provides a structure for collaborative product teams to utilize which naturally places users first. Often considered a naively simple exercise, teams easily become disconnected from their customers (more meetings with "internal stakeholders" than actual users), leading to serious gaps in the product lifecycle (often only discovered in later phases). We help teams break the mold of corporate group think and implement product decisions that put users first.

Creativity at Scale

The larger an enterprise gets, the harder it is to innovate at the speed of a startup. Design transformation processes provide key tools to foster creativity at scale.

Through deceptively simple exercises, design thinking can change the way your company operates — helping you uncover thousands of untapped ideas from the minds already within your organization

It then provides a clear process for vetting, validating, prototyping, and — finally — investing in tactical implementation.

With the right approach and team structures, your organization can create groundbreaking solutions to your industry’s biggest challenges.

What is Design Thinking?

A human-centered philosophy for innovation that leverages the designer’s palette to blend the needs of people, the potential of technology, and the requirements of the business, to produce robust and intuitive solutions to complex problems.

Jumpstarting a Design Thinking Practice

Design Thinking Practitioners

Theorem deploys seasoned Design Thinkers into your organization. Each Theorem Thinker has an average of 10 years of hands-on experience working in small cross functional agile teams using the core principles of Design Thinking to make solving complex, challenging problems easier.

Formation of Cross-Functional Design Thinking Squads

Led by Theorem Thinkers we help you form small, nimble teams with the autonomy to move fast, and the mandate to use Design Thinking to collaborate on a prioritized set of high-value problems.

Seamless Handoff to Your Team

Once configured and operating, your Design Thinking Squads are trained, and then deployed as standalone resources in your organization. We provide them the tools and support needed for long-term, ongoing success.

Design Thinking:
A fresh, agile approach to problem-solving.

Our latest thought leadership on design thinking will help you break the status quo and innovate at the speed of a startup.

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Embracing Change

Design thinking identifies the best solutions to the biggest, most complex challenges that companies face. Need to eliminate all plastic from your packaging by 2025? Or create an IoT platform to future-proof your business? We can help.

Theorem shares our own unique design thinking process so clients can identify the most valuable paths towards long-term, sustainable change.


Sourcing Ideas

  • Define the problem

  • Brainstorm hundreds of ideas for solutions

  • Narrow the list of ideas based on feasibility

  • Select ideas to take into the next phase based on goals


Innovation Workshop

  • Understand the context around ideas

  • Diverge and iterate solutions

  • Converge, refine, create business models, and plan next steps

  • Prioritize converged solutions for the acceleration phase



  • Launch the acceleration phase

  • Cut ideas down to just a handful of Most Valuable Ideas

  • Validate and prototype selected MVIs



  • Select one or more final ideas based on outcomes

  • Prepare go-to-market strategy

  • Launch the solution and keep iterating

How is Design Thinking Applied?

Ideas are refined through collaboration

We worked together with Henkel teams to understand the common pain points, needs, and opportunities in Key Account Manager’s workflows.


A Theorem team was deployed to explore ways to foster innovation programs within Henkel through the use of design thinking workshops. These workshops aligned with the four strategic priorities to continue Henkel’s sustainable, profitable growth through 2020 and beyond: Drive Growth, Accelerate Digitalization, Increase Agility, and Fund Growth.


A  workshop series was successful in vetting and validating ideas for the sales team to understand opportunities for communication and collaboration for Key Account Managers.

How is Design Thinking Different?

Design Thinking is the best way to solve complex problems like:
    “How can we grow our business?”
    “How can we design an inspiring online experience?”
    “How can we enter a more premium market?”
Solving these problems requires a nuanced understanding of your customers’ needs, followed by multiple iterations to test and find the best solutions.
Design Thinking Diagram

Workshop Process

We facilitate workshops that apply user-centric design thinking to problems within organizations. We use a customizable business focused approach to workshops that creates an environment for participants to collaboratively ideate and plan user-centred solutions. We assist our customers with the creation of and management of innovation departments. We help teams pitch for internal funding and develop new capabilities.

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