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End-user insight is the most important ingredient to inform strategic decision-making. Customer feedback helps the most competitive companies build technologies that solve valuable problems for their markets to drive long-term success.

The Next Big Innovation Starts with Customer Research

Whether to secure funding or lobby stakeholders, customer research offers the required evidence to make your next big move.

Organizations come to Theorem because they have a fresh idea or want to revamp an existing platform that’s fundamental to their business. Our unique and detailed customer-focused research approach helps you stay ahead of the curve—and the competition.

Define Your Audience

Who are the consumers in your market? Theorem helps define and recruit your target audience. Engaging the right audience in customer research is an essential first step to collecting quality data that will drive your product strategy.

Talk to Real Users

Through interviews, concept testing, surveys, and trial runs, Theorem gets the fast feedback you need to innovate at top speed.

Design the Best Solution

What makes your solution the best one? Our experts use research to craft solutions that not only fit your needs today — but also adapt to the challenges of tomorrow.

Keep Evolving

It’s not enough to implement a solution. It has to thrive. Theorem shares industry-leading research techniques so you can gather customer insights in an ongoing capacity, making your product adaptable to real-time input and the changing competitive landscape.

Your Takeaways

Customer Empathy Map

Our team of experts will immediately put into practice validated and effective tools that will draw out critical insights from your customers. You’ll get an unbiased view into your customer’s thoughts, what they need, and, most importantly, what it will take to better serve their needs.

Client Empathy Map

User Personas

We’ll deconstruct your user base into an organized set of personas who share a common goal, use case, or behavioral interaction with your offering. We’ll guide you on how to empathize and communicate with each persona plus arm you with metrics to measure how successful you are in meeting their needs.

As-Is Journey Map

We’ll create visual documentation of users’ journeys as they interact with your product or service to accomplish a task. You’ll get absolute clarity into areas causing friction, areas ultimately leading to abandonment or dropoff, and areas with the greatest potential ROI when improved upon.

Findings & Recommendations

All findings will be distilled in a manner that will allow you to confidently move forward with changes to better serve your customers.  We’ll recommend high-value areas of improvement with a detailed and priotitized plan of attack allowing your team to take immediate and measureable action.
Findings and recommendations

Make Smart Product Choices: An Executive’s Guide to User Experience Research

Learn how Theorem helps clients validate business ideas and create customer-centric strategies:

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