Web Application Development

Seamless application experiences that delight your customers and employees alike.

The world’s most progressive companies are finding better ways to interact with their employees and customers using technology. From browser-based apps to progressive mobile experiences, end-users demand a straightforward, engaging, and feature-rich experience. Theorem’s blend of back-end capabilities, integration expertise, and brilliant UX deliver modern, and intuitive web experiences.

Make Innovation Look Easy

Many legacy platforms are antiquated or require extensive manual intervention. That’s why today’s leading companies are building custom web apps that can provide better functionality for their mission-critical systems.

At Theorem, we transform app development from a complex, slow moving exercise into a focused process that covers design, build and support all under one roof.

Experiences Tailor Made For You.

You don’t have time for one-size-fits-all web apps. Theorem has experience developing apps for a wide range of different clients, specific to their exact tools and processes. If you have a need, we can create an app for it.

Taking You from Design to Deployment

Theorem’s team of cross-functional practitioners include everyone you need to get it right — the first time. You’ll be in the experienced hands of product managers, designers, and engineers who have built hundreds of apps.

Accelerate. Adapt. Launch.

Rapid prototyping. Agile development. In-depth hypothesis validation. We use these and other techniques to accelerate the creation of your web app. By working fast, and nimbly adapting to roadblocks, your app will be ready when you need it.

How our App Development
Process Works


Research and Design

Theorem’s research and design approach validates your app’s market fit and clarifies the path to success. We then track performance with measurable goals — and leave room for changing priorities.


Prototype, Pilot, and Validate

Our iterative process results in apps that create value, design systems that scale, engineering specifications that guide builds, and rapid ROI through repeatable concept validation.


Build the App and the Processes

Throughout the process, we put your app in the hands of real users to track and analyze feedback. We optimize and prioritize features so your app keeps getting better.


Gather Feedback and

You’ll get regular user feedback on your apps early and often, allowing you to continuously optimize and prioritize the adoption of new and existing features.


Transition to Internal Management

We formulate custom plans for handing over the app to your internal team, and we provide services like Staff Augmentation to ensure you get the most value from your investment.

Going Agile: A Practical Test

A framework  to help your organization assess its progress on the journey to agile:

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