Security Assessments

Security assessments aren’t one size fits all.

Knowing what to test starts by knowing where to look. Theorem maps every corner of every layer of your hardware, software, network, storage solutions, cloud elements, and more, then uses a combination of automated scans, code review, and simulated attacks to independently and jointly examine each access point.

Vulnerabilities will be exposed with a roadmap for how to close these holes and ensure the security of your entire computing system.

Real Risks Require Real Expertise

With data breaches on the rise, good  IT security is pivotal to protecting your organization — and your customers. Today, malicious actors routinely find and exploit entryways into sensitive data.

Theorem’s direct experience in the design, creation, and auditing of sensitive systems allows us to spot vulnerabilities before anyone else.

Prevention Is the Best Medicine

Sound security involves proactive hardening, and threat mitigation before a security breach occurs. Theorem’s techniques and tools are designed to uncover weaknesses at any level, early, and often.

Security Isn’t One-Size-Fits-All

We work with our clients to evaluate and recommend a security plan specific to your needs — factoring in resources, compliance, and the potential impact of security-related events.

Security at Every Stage

Security best practices apply to every point in the product creation lifecycle. There are pros and cons of investing in these measures at each stage, but we’ll guide you through the tradeoffs.

Our Security Assessment Coverage

  • Application security
  • Operational security
  • Security process modernization
  • Compliance
  • Mobile application security
  • Web application security
  • Backend API and service security assessment
  • Cloud secuirty assessment

How Security Assessments Work


Product planning

We think security, right from the start.

The planning stage for a new or improved IT system is the ideal time to produce a security backlog. Theorem will work with your security architects to assess your capabilities across industry standards and best practices — using tools to identify gaps in controls, score the level of risk, and prioritize remediation activities.


Implementation and operation

Constant vigilance, but with autopilot.

We will teach you all the ways to increase the security of software systems on an ongoing basis. Generally, these techniques involve a mix of auditing code releases and  components prior to release in an automated fashion.


Validation and auditing

We keep future threats at bay.

Validation and auditing of systems provide an extra layer of assurances post-implementation —  ensuring that changes in the threat environment have not exposed new risks that must be addressed. This is an ongoing practice that’s performed periodically.

Security at Theorem

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