Platform Security Architecture

Your security needs are custom – shouldn’t your solution be too?

Securing every digital entryway starts with knowing your true vulnerabilities, but also requires a proactive security-first posture that begins with a solid foundation for your security architecture.

Theorem specializes in designing, architecting, and building security-first platforms, systems, networks and ecosystems, and our team of experts has experience operating within some of the most mission critical environments on the planet.

Locking Every Digital Entryway

Designing security-first software systems requires a methodical approach and a diverse set of skills across hardware, software, network, and physical infrastructure engineering specialties.

Theorem’s team of security experts has helped some of the world’s biggest brands build highly-secure, threat-resistant software, services, and platforms.

A Multi-Layered Approach

Good security requires investing in techniques and tools that provide layer-upon-layer of protection. From risk reduction to deterrence and detection, Theorem helps you build the safest digital infrastructure possible.

Comprehensive Assessment

As part of our overall security architecture effort, we  work with our clients to evaluate and analyze their existing security posture. We empower them with the information to choose the right path and always engage in a comprehensive security assessment.

The Right Experience to Prevent Real Threats

Our team of  architects and security specialists has years of hands-on experience architecting robust, reliable, and secure platforms. We treat your project with the same care that we give our own systems — no stone goes unturned and no scenario goes unaddressed.


Security for the internet of things and beyond. Learn how Theorem’s Overwatch IoT service can enhance your security amd threat mitigation across your edge devices:

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How Platform Security Architecture Works


Research and Discovery

The planning phase is the perfect time to produce a backlog of security-related issues.

Theorem works with your security team to assess current capabilities across industry standards — using tools to identify gaps in controls, score the level of risk, and prioritize action items.


Architect the Platform

You’ll experience an industry-leading architecture development process.

We create a set of software, hardware, firmware, product, and system specifications that then shape your target state design, building in the security requirements defined during the previous phase.


Build and Release

We aim to build the most secure product possible, as quickly as possible.

The product build begins early on, guided by collaborative scoping and prioritization work sessions. Our process is agile and iterative, ensuring rapid releases of critical infrastructure, with active and passive security testing all along the way.


Certify your Security

Signed, sealed, delivered — you’re secure.

Certification provides multi-level assurance for the security of your products — all based on the requirements established in research and discovery.

Security at Theorem

Download our handbook on Security as an Investment in Product & Culture:

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Ready to Architect your Security?

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