Digital Transformation

The digital landscape continues to evolve – so should your business.

Whether leveling up legacy systems or exploring digital capabilities to support new revenue streams, or even rethinking your business from the ground up, the most successful transformations rely on a commitment to transparency, alignment, and speed. Theorem’s process begins with a comprehensive inventory of your digital capabilities, simplifying the roadmapping process by identifying requisite stepping stones, near-term  targets, and longer term investment opportunities — all designed to help your company develop a digital edge.

Digital Done Right

History is littered with companies that failed to adapt to the changing technology landscape. Many of those that remain have been left with a tangled mess of legacy technology that stalls innovation and experimentation.

With our expert digital transformation services, we’ll help you modernize systems and create more valuable and efficient experiences for your customers and employees.

Your Digital Advocates

Digital transformation is a journey—not a destination. Theorem will partner with you throughout the entire process, providing clear guidance, from rebranding, to replatforming, and everything in between.

Paving a Path to the Future

What’s the current state of your digital ecosystem? Where do you want it to go? We’ll put you in a better position today so you can make meaningful changes tomorrow.

Room to Innovate.

Our team of experts has years of hands-on experience helping mature organizations reimagine, and rearchitect their businesses from the ground up. We bring the playbook, and you are our star player.

How Digital Transformation Works


Develop Launching Points

Through interviews and research, we’ll develop a comprehensive map of your current digital state and help build your vision for a future every stakeholder can believe in.


Assess High-Value Opportunities

We’ll augment your as-is reality with a value stream map that offers clarity and confidence around what changes will produce the highest value toward your business goals.


Build Your Master Plan

We’ll deliver a comprehensive technical and cultural transformation plan with everything you need to start executing on your highest value digital projects immediately.


Make the Transformation

Then we’ll start prototyping and implementing prioritized digital transformation projects. We’ll rapidly iterate with your teams so you can reach milestones quicker than you thought possible.  

A Digital Success Story

Bringing Digital Services to a Global Agriculture Company

We created a vision for Nutreco to transform from a feed company into livestock management as a service


The global animal feed company wanted to increase the value they provided to farmers by building a self-service platform to plan and predict animal growth and feeding needs.


  • Through dozens of on-the-ground interviews with farmers in the US and Europe, we learned about the nuances of how decisions are made, and uncovered the biggest needs that technology could solve.

  • We created a product vision that would enable Nutreco to bring more value to their customers by offering a suite of Digital Services, that would transform them from an animanl feed company to a managed service provider for lifestock health.

  • We created a go-to-market strategy to use these new Digital Services to attract new customers and grow the business.

Ready to Embark on a Journey?

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